Sump Pumps

If you have already lived thru a flooded basement, then you know how much damage it can cause. Even one inch of water can take many hours to clean up and causes thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and carpets. Besides damages to your belongings, flooding can cause plumbing problems, a damaged foundation or rotted wood. Mold and fungus will grow on materials that get wet by water leaks.
Installing a sump pump is your best defense to prevent flooding.

Basement flooding is most often caused by water build up in the soil that makes its way into your basement. There are many ways for water to enter and many ways to prevent it from entering. A sump pump is a last defense against flooding because it pumps out water from the lowest section of the basement before the water level reaches the basement floor level. As groundwater level rises it is diverted into the sump hole. When the water reaches what is called ‘the critical level’, the sump pump begins to pump it out through a pipe that leads outside and away from your foundation.

Sump pumps are used to drain water that collects in a sump pit which is usually found in the basement of a home. The pit can also be a hole dug outside in the ground that collects water. Sometimes drains are used to funnel the rain water into the pit, but other times the water makes it to the pit naturally. They can also be used to get rid of extra dampness. This is achieved by lowering the water table around the basement to below its foundation. Sump pumps are hardwired to the home’s electrical system. If you want yours to run even when the electricity goes out, Top Craft can install a battery back-up sump pump. It is also possible to use no electricity to power it by using the house’s pressured water to power it. See our water powered sump pumps video.

Top Craft installs Liberty, Zoeller and Little Giant sump pumps and various other manufacturers for specific needs.


Top Craft Installs Water Powered back-Up Pumps

If you already have a sump pump ask about our sump pump maintenance plan and if you usually lose power ask about our battery back-up pumps and our water-actuated sump pump installations.

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